Copy and Paste Stopped Working? Do you run Webroot Antivirus?

I recently encountered an issue on my machine where copy and paste functionality ceased completely or acted erratically.  Sometimes it would work, other times it wouldn’t.  I do a lot of this, so I was pretty annoyed.  I have another machine without this issue and the main difference between the two was the anti-virus program I run.

I did a little searching and the issue ended up being Webroot’s Identity Protection

Quickest way to enable cut and paste again is to set Webroot to ‘allow’ the applications.  I don’t see a lot of need to ‘deny’ an application, but that will be up to you.

To get to the settings, click on the gear next to Identity Protection

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Then search the list for any item that may have Deny enabled and change it to Allow or Protect.

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Link to the issue –

Author: coffee dad

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