Razer Kraken Headphones Review

Razer Kraken Headphones

I received a pair of Razer Kraken headphones yesterday to replace a much cheaper pair of Logitech USB ones that I had to replace due to a faulty USB connection (yes, I may have dropped my laptop a few times with them connected). I’m not going to lie, one of the main reasons that I bought this pair of headphones was because it was on sale for just under $50. The other reason, though, is because of the good name that Razer has in the hardware industry. They make great mice, so I figured I would take a chance on their headphones.

Out of the box

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There wasn’t a ton of packaging, as one might expect with a set of headphones.  Simple clear box that you just tear apart to get at the goodies inside.

What’s inside?

  • Headphones
  • 3.5mm extension cord
  • Instruction manual
Not a ton, but what were you expecting? It’s probably at this point that I should mention that these are regular analog 3.5mm plug headphones. I was actually so used to my previous pair of USB headphones that I was a little shocked to realize that these were 3.5mm ones. Not an issue at all, though. The addition of an extension cord is great as well for those of you who will have to plug this into desktop computers sitting further away.

How they perform

The computer I’m using is a Sony Vaio laptop which is great for media consumption and has a great NVidia powered soundcard.

I initially tried the headphones out with a couple of movies I had on my laptop. The sound was…less than impressive, I’m going to have to say. The sound was a tad on the tinny side. I alleviated this a little by increasing the volume, but at low volumes, the issue remained. I’m not saying they sound terrible, just not any better and, in some cases, worse than my older cheaper Logitech USB headphones.

Now, these are called Analog Music & Gaming Headphones, so I shouldn’t judge them on TV alone. So, I moved on to listening to some music on rdio and music is where these headphones really begin to shine. I decided to start with Daft Punk’s Tron Soundtrack and the sound was instantly much much better than my initial experience with video. Rich sounds, deep bass, and just crystal clear audio.


I haven’t yet tested these headphones with any games yet, but my main usage will be video and music so I’m just going to leave the review with the information above. Overall, while I was a little disappointed with the Razer Kraken headphones while watching video, I’m more than happy with their performance with music (which I assume will also be the case with gaming).

For the price I got them for (less than $50 on sale), I can’t complain at all. They are a good, if not great, replacement for my previous set.

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  • Sound great with music
  • Over ear headphone design really blocks out outside sound
  • Extremely light
  • Addition of a packed in 3.5mm cord extension is a treat
  • Sound a little empty with movies / tv shows at low volumes.
  • A little tight on the head causing some minor ear fatigue and ear sweat (yah, I know, too much information)
  • Over ear headphone design really blocks out outside sound (which is really only a con in an office environment where you don’t want people sneaking up on you)
  • Lack of in-line volume control

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